Section H - Make payment API

H1 - General Information

To make payment for an user send a post request to

/api/v1/make_payment with the following data:

Argument Mandatory Value
userId yes Numeric < Id of the user to make payment >
amount yes Numeric < amount to be paid in decimal >
method yes (cash, cheque, creditCard, bankTransfer, onlinePayment, debitCard, externalGateway)
paymentDate No dd-mm-yyyy
bank yes Text, < for method cheque else null >
chequeNumber No Text, < for method cheque else null >
chequeDate No dd-mm-yyyy, < for method cheque else null >
notes yes Payment notes
cardExpiration Yes Text, < Credit / debit card number >
bankTransferMethod No Text, < Bank transfer method >
operator Yes Text, < External gateway operator >
merchantTxnId yes Text, < External gateway transaction Id >

H2 Sample Output

 "status": “success”,
 "errorCode" = 200,
 “message”:”Make payment successful”